About the brand

Utopia Palms

Founded in Gold Coast, Australia - Utopia Palms was birthed when two friends decided to commit to a vision. Inspired by freedom, adventure and self-expression, Utopia Palms is a statement of who we are.

We aim to challenge the societal norms and go against the crowd. We are the ones who stand proud in our conviction.  When the vision was clear, our founders went all in. Like they had to, in order to turn this idealistic concept into a new reality. They created every single pendant from scratch with every single detail customised to the millimetre. It took hundreds of late nights of planning, orchestrating and creating to see the brand that is now Utopia Palms come to life.

With an underlying focus of providing an exceptional experience that customers had never seen before, attention to detail was ingrained into the brand from day one. This extended from each element in the unboxing experience, to every last detail on every individual pendant, chain, ring and bracelet. 

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. From there, Utopia Palms became the staple jewellery brand that it is today.  Now into 2022, the goal of our brand remains the same - to inspire freedom, adventure and self-expression through premium exclusive jewellery. 

We would like to personally thank everyone who has supported the continual growth of the Utopia Palms journey. A dream that came to reality - we would be nothing without our loyal customers. You are the reason that we do what we do. If you are a member of our family, we appreciate you - and if you are yet to join the rapidly growing Utopia Palms family, don't miss the wave - shop today and enjoy your favourite pieces of jewellery!

Started with a vision

About the founders

The founders of Utopia Palms, Eric and Eli, first met in the Gold Coast, Australia after connecting online years prior.

They bonded over their shared love of entrepreneurship, and soon began working on a project together to create a unique, exciting, and premium jewellery brand.

After months of extensive research, design, and meticulous development, they finally perfected their design and launched Utopia Palms with their best-selling iconic series of pendants they've grown to be known for.

Eric and Eli are both dedicated to providing the highest quality products possible, and they are committed to making sure their customers are always happy repping the brand. They believe that everyone should enjoy the best of what life offers, and they are committed to helping you live a life filled with adventure, fun, travel, and ambition.

If you have a goal, keep putting the work in and moving forwards, you'll be surprised how far making a few smart moves at the right time will take you!


Why shop with us

We pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations on all fronts. From the quality of our jewellery, to the above and beyond customer service, we've proudly served tens of thousands of loyal customers and growing.

Pendant designs with meaning

Every pendant we create is unique, and each one has its own symbolism and meaning. Whether it's a reminder of who you are, what you stand for, or what's important to you, our goal is to design something stunning that you can wear every day that will make a real difference in your life, and remind you to keep being you.

Premium unboxing experience

We pride ourselves on providing a premium unboxing experience that is sure to impress. From the iridescent box to the premium leather travel pouch, we have thought of everything to make your unboxing experience truly special and unique. Every detail is considered with you, our loyal customers, in mind.

Made with real 18K gold and white gold

We use only the highest quality materials to craft our jewellery. Our 18K gold and white gold are sourced from only the most reputable sources, meaning your jewellery will maintain its colour and shine for years to come. Our pieces are also built to withstand everyday wear, so you can confidently wear them wherever you go.

Free & Fast Delivery

Get your Utopia Palms orders shipped at no cost, with priority dispatch and shipping, when you just spend over $100 AUD.

Lifetime Quality Guarantee

Shop with confidence knowing that your Utopia Palms pieces are covered by our comprehensive premium quality guarantee.

Same-day Order Dispatch

When you place your order before 4:00PM AEST daily, your order will be dispatched same day, meaning your order arrives fast.