See the Utopia Palms creative process

Design Process

Every single unique Utopia Palms pendant and item is patiently developed and designed in our head Gold Coast design studio by our professional design artists. Our standard elite creative process follows five primary steps. We go from concept, all the way through to manufacturing and it ultimately ends with you, our customers, proudly wearing your Utopia Palms pieces.

Step #1

The Paper Sketch

This is where our great ideas are first born. The genesis, if you will. Our team of competent jewellery designers brainstorm unique expressions and styles. 

They will then put their creative flair to pen and paper, allowing them to express their wildest ideas. There are many iterations of each initial design completed prior to moving onto the next step in the creative process.

Step #2

Expert 3D Models & Clean Designs

Once the original sketches pass through approval and peer review, the most eye-catching, on-brand and unique designs are individually selected and passed on to our expert CGI (computer generated imagery) team for 3D model creation.

Our specialty 3D artists will take our measurements and ideas from our illustrations and create a more refined concept, allowing the Utopia Palms team to visualise the jewellery prior to manufacturing. Sizing will also be taken into account here and the sketches will be brought to life as refined designs.

Step #3

Critique, Tweak & Perfection

From here, these complicated 3D digital models are refined further by our creation team to make sure specific details, styles and elements are properly expressed.

This is where attention to detail is critical, allowing for the greatest final outcome when we transition into the manufacturing stages.

Step #4

The Final Model

Once we believe we've found our new unique design, our creative team and CGI team collaborate closely to create the final optimised design. 

As you can see in the following image, this pendant design is rendered professionally in 3D so that it can be passed on to our manufacturing team for crafting, and our marketing team for content creation, allowing us to showcase our products to you, our loyal customers.

Step #5

Ready For Supply

The final step is getting our professional team of jewellers to create these unique pieces for you. We have limited supplies of each item, so that you can get your hands on a piece of Utopia Palms jewellery that's truly unique.

Once crafted to perfection, our rings, bracelets, chains, and pendants are then taken through rigorous quality control procedures, and then packaged - ready for our amazing family of loyal customers, including you. You can tell the care, passion and attention to detail is there. Consider this the 'Utopia Palms difference'.

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